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gstassoc -> Event ID 8026 (10.May2006 7:42:21 PM)

I looked in my Event View and saw this error Event ID 8026.  I have tried to research it on the internet, but there seems to be many reasons that this happens.  I am pretty new with exchange 2003.  Can someone help me with this error?
The message was as follows:
LDAP Bind was unsuccessful on directory S3a.gstassoc.com for distinguished name "Directory returned error [0x51] server down.
I have two Domain Controllers and neither one is down.   I have Exchange running on a standalone server.

tiallen -> RE: Event ID 8026 (10.May2006 8:04:07 PM)

Is this a random one-off error?? Are you seeing 8026's sporadically? all the time?

If I were you, I would begin troubleshooting from the networks perspective... any reason exchange cannot get LDAP queries to the DCs? Are the three servers @ the same physical datacenter? on the same subnet?

gstassoc -> RE: Event ID 8026 (10.May2006 8:20:28 PM)

No.  There are a stream of them.  They apply to both of my domain controllers.
Is LDAP automatically setup, because I never set this up.  All three servers are setup on the same subnet and are located in same office.

tiallen -> RE: Event ID 8026 (10.May2006 8:44:38 PM)

LDAP is controlled by AD.. by default it should be working without issue... any kind of firewall on or between these systems that might be adversly affecting connectivity?

gstassoc -> RE: Event ID 8026 (10.May2006 9:06:30 PM)

There is a firewall, but everything sits behind it. Besides this configuration was working yesterday. 

tiallen -> RE: Event ID 8026 (10.May2006 10:03:02 PM)

Run a quick tracert and nslookup on the exchange server to verify that nothing is traversing the firewall... then verify that the domain controllers are healthy...

gstassoc -> RE: Event ID 8026 (10.May2006 11:26:08 PM)


Ran a quick tracert and nslookup with no problem.  I then ran dcdiag and netdiag on both domain controllers with everything passing.

tiallen -> RE: Event ID 8026 (10.May2006 11:49:47 PM)

What if you run dcdiag & exbpa from the exchange server?

How about the event logs on the domain controllers? anything out of the ordinary around the same time exchange is issuing 8026's?

In server properties, why don't you cruise over to diagnostic logging and under exchange address list max the ldap logging?


gstassoc -> RE: Event ID 8026 (11.May2006 3:24:37 AM)

Tried to run dcdiag from Exchange, but exchange could not find the app.  I am not familiar with exbpa.  I will google it.  My domain controllers have no errors.  I am not sure about your last sentence about the location of the log files.  Excuse my lack of knowledge, but I am just getting familiar with Exchange.

tiallen -> RE: Event ID 8026 (11.May2006 3:40:17 AM)

no problem, its a fun product to learn and this site is a very friendly resource for admins who are just getting used to exchange...

exbpa is the exchange best practices analyzer... its a free download from microsoft and it will point out configuration errors on the exch side...

For the logging, in exchange system manager, drill down to your exchang server, right click on it and select 'properties' you'll see a tab for diagnostic logging, select it, and I belive under the exchangeAL you'll see an option for LDAP queries... turn its logging level to maximum... Now exchange will log info mssgs / warnings /errors to the application log to help you diagnose this issue from the exchange side as your DCs seem to be fine...


gstassoc -> RE: Event ID 8026 (11.May2006 7:29:35 AM)

I already had exbpa.  I just didn't know it by that name.  I have run it with no problems.

gstassoc -> RE: Event ID 8026 (11.May2006 7:47:24 AM)

Thanks Tim.  I hav e just set up logging.  I'll keep you posted.  Thanks again.

gstassoc -> RE: Event ID 8026 (14.May2006 2:30:32 PM)

Hey Tim

Sorry I did not get back to you to let you know what happen with my 8026 error issue.  Well, when you told me to start logging exchangeAL something changed.  I stopped getting the error message.  I started out maximum logging and later switched to minimum.  I can't figure out why that would stopped the error 8026, but I'll live with it.  Thanks again.

de.blackman -> RE: Event ID 8026 (15.May2006 12:36:38 AM)

Are you domain controllers and esp. the exchange server pointing to internal DNS servers??

reynaldo_tagalog -> how to create additional global address list (11.Jul.2010 5:44:56 AM)

Hello Guys,

anyone have an idea how to create additional global address list,,,


markmorow -> RE: Event ID 8026 (11.Jul.2010 12:51:23 PM)

Are you sure the firewall is open between your Exchange server and DC. Run Exchange Best Practice Analyzer.

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