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vads -> Automatic reply for when a user leaves the company (11.May2006 11:13:56 AM)

Hi all,

This is my first post on this board. It's been a source of information for a while and now I decided to post my question as I cannot get a clear answer on it.

I'm working as a Applicationmanager for this company. Recently we migrated from Lotus Notes to a Exchange 2003 SP2 environment with Outlook 2003 clients.

I'm writing a procedure for what to do with a user's mailbox when this person leaves the company. I explained my setup for the mailmanager and my IT manager, but they told me it was not possible. Also, my manager informed me that automatic replies and automatic forwards to Internet recipients are disabled on the server.

But I'm sure it works, because I've seen it work at previous companies I worked at. So here is my idea:

When a employee leaves the company, the mailmanager should set an automatic reply (with some standard text) on the employee's mailbox. This way, when someone from in- or outside the company sends an e-mail to this former employee, the sender gets an auto reply informing him that that person has left the company and the information of the person he should contact now.

Some other requirements:
  • the mailbox is guarded by one person during 3 months;
  • after these 3 months the mailbox is closed, archived and removed from server;
  • the automatic reply should remain active for 5 years

First of all the automatic replies to internet recipients should be enabled, using these instructions:

I found an instruction on how to setup a server rule on the client:

But my doubt is: if we follow the instructions from the last link, does the rule still work when we delete the mailbox from the server? Is the rule set on the user in Active Directory? Will the rule remain active if the user keeps existing in the Active Directory? Do you guys have a procedure like this at your companies and if so, could you please share it with me? Is there maybe a more efficient solution?

I really hope you guys can help me out. Thanks in advance for reading this and helping me out.

With kind regards,

Vitor Alves da Silva

sabel9579 -> RE: Automatic reply for when a user leaves the company (11.May2006 3:52:28 PM)

When you remove the user and mailbox from the server an NDR will be generated since the mailbox and SMTP address are no longer valid.

MTK -> RE: Automatic reply for when a user leaves the company (16.May2006 4:15:52 AM)

Did u sort it out the problem?

Have you check in Queue? Is there all email stack?

if so you need to clean queue first and try again.


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