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Wes -> Unable to Mount Database (2.Jun.2006 3:02:38 PM)

Hi all,

Any Help with this problem would be greatly appricated, I ve been looking at it for a week now.

I am unable to mount my Mailbox Store on a secondary exchange server we have.

The error message I am getting is

Error 0xfffffae7 starting database "First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (Server Name)" on the Microsoft Exchange Information Store.

The source is MSExchangeIS id 9519

tushar -> RE: Unable to Mount Database (3.Jun.2006 3:51:55 PM)

have a look at this article

Store Could Not Be Mounted" Error Message When You Try to Mount Mailbox Store or Public Folder Store

Wes -> RE: Unable to Mount Database (5.Jun.2006 10:02:43 AM)


Thanks for the reply.

I have tried the article you suggested but unfortunately it did nt resolve the problem.

However I do feel it is security related.



exchan -> RE: Unable to Mount Database (5.Jun.2006 11:38:23 AM)

Hello Wes,

I have a few questions and a few suggestions.

Was it working in the past ?

Was there a reason for this store to go down eg some change on the server like a restore or a rebuild.

Do you have other stores in thig Storage Group mounted and functioning fine If so you can look at the security tab on the mounted store and compare to see if there are any missing permissions.

If there are some stores which are mounted then browse using explorer to the follder and checkt the file and foder permissions.

Essenially a mounted store in that Storage Group or another Server is a good reference point to check if permissions is the problem

Either in ESM or on the file structure

We can look at more options once permissions  problems are ruled out.



Wes -> RE: Unable to Mount Database (5.Jun.2006 12:32:21 PM)


Yes it was working in the past, the server is a secondary exchange server for users who had left etc.

The problem started when I put an explicit deny for the Authenticated Users group on the server object by mistake.

Now I managed to get the server back up and remove the deny, but since I have nt been able to mount the old database.

I can mount new databases it is just the original database that will not mount.



exchan -> RE: Unable to Mount Database (6.Jun.2006 8:25:14 AM)

Hello Wes,

If you are able to mount other stores it means that the problem with permissions may only be on this store or else it could be a problem with the consistency of the databases.

To verify the permissions we could take a look at the AD permissions to ascertain whteher there is something there which is problematic.

Launch adsiedit and connect to the GC that Exchange is looking at.This can be checked from the Server porperties.DS access tab.

Once in adsiedit go to the configurtaion container -- Services --- Microsoft Exchange-- Your Organisation -- AG -- The the problem server ---select your server.Right click and check the properties of the server and verify permissions .there should be no explicit deny on any group. Drill down level by level to the store and keep checking the permissions .also at every tab check whether the inherit permissions checkbox is checked.This is important. If at the store u see any denies remmove them.

Also is the database in clean shutdown state ?

Wes -> RE: Unable to Mount Database (6.Jun.2006 10:13:49 AM)


Thanks for the response.

I have checked the security on the objects you mentioned and they all seem to be fine, also the database is in a Clean Shutdown state.

I have found a reference to the error I am recieving as:-
-1305 0xFFFFFAE7 JET_errObjectNotFound No such table or object 4294965991

From article http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;177761&sd=tech

I think this may be the reason why it wont mount so I will have to restore from a backup.

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