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TCheck -> Unknown address error 550-'5.7.1 Message Rejected SCL (2.Jun.2006 4:33:01 PM)

Hello all;
I have had my Exchange 2003 server up and running well for over 2 years.  The past couple of weeks, clients sent me emails to my email address that has been wroking well for years and they have received an rejection notice like the following;

-----Original Message-----
From: Mail Delivery System
Sent: Friday, June 02, 2006 8:58 AM
To: DeFosset, Nick
Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
The following message to <toddz@mycompany.com> was undeliverable.
The reason for the problem:
5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550-'5.7.1 Message Rejected SCL = 8'

If they re-send the message it comes through fine.  It only happens on occasion.  Any ideas?

AdminFix -> RE: Unknown address error 550-'5.7.1 Message Rejected SCL (2.Jun.2006 10:28:18 PM)

This shows that the IMF, which is installed by default with Exchange 2003 SP2, has a SCL rating of less than 8 for rejecting messages. You may find out if you are using IMF by going to default virtual SMTP Server --> advanced general settings. It could also be one of your spam filtering software like Symnatec Mail Security, GFi, Mail Marshal as they have an SCL rating based mail scanning system.

What you may also want to do is to expose the SCL rating and fine-tune your IMF accrodingly. Alternatively you can configure it to send all such mails which don't meet IMF criteria to be sent to Junk mail folder of Outlook. However, please remember that the Junk Mail Folder Option has to be enabled through OWA of the user.

To Expose the SCL rating of a message, you can use the following lins:

Exchange Support Team Article

MSExchange.Org Article

If this doesn't resolve the issue, please let us know.

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