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Paul Taylor -> Migrating an old Exchange 2000 Server onto a new Server (6.Jun.2006 4:06:39 PM)

Hi all,

I have an aging Exchange 2000 server in my organisation that is based on an old Compaq ML370 Server with only a 600mhz CPU. The Server is Win2K and both Exchange and Windows are fully patched.
The server is having health issues and is already way past retirement.

I have setup a new Compaq ML370 G4 with 2GB of RAM, installed Win2k Sever, and Exchange 2000 Server, and fully patched it. At the moment its just sitting there dormant with no one connecting to it.

Q. How can i get all 50+ Mailboxes from the new server moved over to the new server without causing any disruption ??
I will change the name of this new server so it matches the old one as i do not want the end users to see change from their end.
I have found Mirosoft article 155216 on this subject, but i have to say its not very clear to follow.

EDIT: Forgot to add. As Active Directory already has 1 exchange server in this domain. I assume Domain Prep and Forest Prep dont need to be run again ??

Any help from people that have done this before would be greatly appriciated.

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