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cckone -> RPC Proxy Registry Porblem (25.Jun.2006 5:13:24 AM)

Dear all, I setup Windows 2003 sp1 + Exchange 2003 SP2 (one Frint-end, and one back-end). I find that after i change the rpcproxy validports, it will change to default by itself,  does anyone know that or face this problem before? Regards. cckone

mark@mvps.org -> RE: RPC Proxy Registry Porblem (25.Jun.2006 9:27:38 PM)

You shouldn't be in the registry if you have SP2 on the server.
What does it say on the registry anyway?

cckone -> RE: RPC Proxy Registry Porblem (26.Jun.2006 4:12:25 AM)

Hi.  In the HK_Local_machine\Software\Microsoft\RPC\RPC PROXY , in the validport. i want to change to computer name:6001-6002;FQDN:6001-6002;computer name:6004;FQDN:6004 but cannot change. any idea?? regards, cckone

riverbooty -> RE: RPC Proxy Registry Porblem (20.Jul.2012 5:06:27 PM)

Similiar issue here. Scenario includes a Front End Server that I must manually add the Valid Ports because the registry keeps reverting to previous settings.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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