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prtg -> Finding folder path by its proxy address (11.Jul.2006 11:10:15 AM)

When creating address for public folders I sometimes get "address already exists in organization" message. It would be easy to find the folder if I had something less than about 60000 public folders. For example, i need to find folder which already has address By using ADUC or freeware util ADFIND I can get displayname of the folder not the path (only legacy path, which in most cases isn't valid anymore - a known issue caused by migration from Exchange 5.5). So in this example I would have returned about seven folders with name IT SERVICES and no idea about where they are located in Public Folders structure. Do you have some good practice about finding folder along with its path by knowing only it's proxy address?


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Update: by using pfdavadmin utility export feature I found which folder should be bound with that particular address. However, Exchange System Manager shows that it isn't mail-enabled. I forced mail-enable and got address like and no other. So seems that old addresses are accumulating when folders are being mail-disabled. Any ideas how to free them for further use?

e2k7roop -> RE: Finding folder path by its proxy address (23.Jul.2006 12:56:10 PM)


Whenever you mail enable a PF a corresponding directory object for that PF is created in AD. That location is the "Microsoft Exchange System Objects" (MESO) container in Active Directory Users and Computers.....visible in ADUC by enabling the 'Advanced Features'.

Thus whenever you mail disable a PF, sometimes the directory object is not deleted from the MESO container. Thus before you mail enable a PF, make sure you don't have an entry for that PF in the MESO container and if present then delete it and then mail enable the PF.

Don't worry, deleting the object from the MESO container will not delete the actuall PF, the object in the MESO container is just a directory object so that its visible in the GAL and thus be able to send mail to it.


Donk -> RE: Finding folder path by its proxy address (20.Sep.2006 12:00:26 PM)


I have some question about Microsoft Exchange System Objects. I can find this OU, see there the names from some Public Folders, but in this PF is nothing /loged un DC, whre is MS Exchange installed/. They are empty. But in MS Outlook i can see messages in this PF.  Is possible to see the content of the PF in AD Users and Computers Console or only by force of Microsoft Exchange System Manager and Outlook?
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