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Message -> Moving Exchange to a new server - same name (11.Jul.2006 10:25:47 PM)

2 email servers; 1 of which has reached End Of Life for support.
Windows 2000; Exchange 2000
Want to move it to a new computer and keep the same name so all the users don't have to redo their Outlook client.
According to MS Article's 296788  and 297289 it can be done BUT in both of those it shows building the new box ONLY to the OS and patches, NOT loading Exchange and patches.   This will add 1-2 hours while the old box is down and before I can even start copying over the 50GB mail database.
Isn't there someway I can build the new one all they way up with W2k and Exchange and patches /disasterrecovery;
under a different name, bring the old one off line, copy the files over, DISJOIN the OLD from the domain = let it replicate, then join the new one with the old name?

trevorc -> RE: Moving Exchange to a new server - same name (12.Jul.2006 9:15:41 AM)

I had that problem about 6 months ago. I installed a new exchange 2000 server, set it up and everything. Then from Active Directory if you right mouse click on the user and select exchange tasks, there is an option to move the mailbox itself from one server to another.

The only thing is that the user should not be using the mailbox whilst it is being moved. It worked perfectly for me. Even if you move the mailbox from one server to another, the Outlook Client should automtically update the server name. The users didn't even notice that i changed server! -> RE: Moving Exchange to a new server - same name (12.Jul.2006 3:24:34 PM)

           That is a very interesting strategy.   I can see how that would work.  However that would be very time consuming for the 140 mailboxes on that server.
          I have done this when I brought our 2nd Exchange server on line, and even a modest 500mb mail box took over 1/2 hour to move across.
          I'll have to check again, but I don't think Exchange 2000 allows you to move multiple mailboxes at one time; then there is setting up the routing between the Front-side and back-side servers etc.


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