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batfastad -> Setting up a mail failover - routing mail through SBS (20.Jul.2006 12:40:09 AM)

Hi guys

At the moment we have our mail delivered to our static IP by our provider (PlusNet) and mail gets collected in a queue at their end when our server's unavailable.
However we now have a need to move our domain names away from PlusNet's hosting.

I did the following with a test domain...
I have full control of all our domain name records at our new host so what I've tried to do is set up the MX records...
The primary MX record points to our exchange server
The second MX record keeps the mail within the hosting providers system, and since they use cPanel I've created a mailbox and routed it so all undeliverable mail gets delivered into that mailbox.

I've set up the POP3 connector so it connects to that mail account every 10 minutes, which it does, and downloads the mail according to the event log.

I've added the test domain name to the recipient policy - and added some test addresses to some exchange mailboxes. Internal mail gets routed fine to those addresses - so the internal exchange side of things seems to be working correctly.

However the mail downloaded from the failover POP3 account I created, all ends up in the administrator mailbox.

Is there a reason for this?
Why does the internal mail get routed correctly, but mail downloaded from the POP3 account just get dumped in the administrator mailbox?
But when mail does manage to get sent to the primary MX record (directly to our exchange server), it gets routed fine!
Our exchange server will probably be contactible 80-90% of the time (apart from if traffic's too heavy or something), but I just wanted to get this failover set up correctly.

Any ideas?

I did at first think it might be because the way the catch-all default address works in cPanel was it was stripping out the To: header, meaning exchange didn't have anything to go on to work out where to route the mail, but on closer inspection of the mail when it's sitting in the POP3 mailbox, the header is still correct.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



batfastad -> RE: Setting up a mail failover - routing mail through SBS (20.Jul.2006 1:02:06 AM)

Right a bit more information

Internal mail gets routed into the correct mailbox just fine.

The message gets routed into the admin mailbox when sent from external accounts.

And the delivery report error message that gets sent back to the external mail address I sent the test from has the following error...


This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.


Where MAIN-DOMAIN.COM is the primary domain name of all our email addresses. No wonder the mail didn't get through as test@MAIN-DOMAIN.COM doesn't exist - I tried to send to test@SECONDARY-TEST-DOMAIN.COM

Looking in the application event log...


The message <id: {289D8446-8C00-4500-B05A-9587B8E34E30}> was routed by a global mailbox mapping as follows:
Original Recipient: <>.
- routed via domain substitution to <test@MAIN-DOMAIN.COM>

So for some reason Exchange is substituting the domain name that it receives, with our main one.

Any ideas on how to solve this??

In Exchange System Manager > POP3 Mail Connector > Preferences > Mailboxes tab
When I edit the mailbox I added, I set it as a Global mailbox, and in the e-mail domain box just underneath, I typed the new domain that the failover mailbox belongs to.
I also have not added any routing rules - do I have to if the email addresses are added under the email addresses tab of the mailboxes I want in Active Directory Users & Computers??



Arne Lovius -> RE: Setting up a mail failover - routing mail through SBS (20.Jul.2006 5:15:37 PM)


Rather than spend time troubleshooting teh POP conector I would look for a secondary MX provider when mail can queue if your server is not online.

This would also have the advantage of bypassing the various isues with the POP connector (such as lack of BCC support etc)


batfastad -> RE: Setting up a mail failover - routing mail through SBS (20.Jul.2006 5:20:50 PM)

Do you have any recommendations?

What sort of pricing would we be looking at?
I hope they don't charge per message!



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