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PhilC -> Rebuild Offline Address book (22.Jul.2006 11:31:27 AM)

Could anyone tell me how to rebuild the offline address book for SBS 2003 ?


menko -> RE: Rebuild Offline Address book (23.Jul.2006 11:53:47 AM)


On the client side or on the server side?

PhilC -> RE: Rebuild Offline Address book (23.Jul.2006 12:16:26 PM)

The fault is on  the server side I think but it could possibly be on the client side, so both procedures if possible.

Thanks for your reply.


uemurad -> RE: Rebuild Offline Address book (24.Jul.2006 6:36:06 PM)

I don't have specific experience in SBS2003, but in Exchange you do the server side in the ESM.
Recipients --> Offline Address Lists
Right click on the Default Offline Address List and select Rebuild

On the client side, in Outlook:

parisiscott -> RE: Rebuild Offline Address book (7.Aug.2010 5:43:07 AM)

Make your change to the AD (add a contact, remove a user, whatever it is). Then on the server follow d following steps
  1. Open Server Management, and expand Advanced Management, First Organization Exchange, Recipients and select Offline Address Book.
  2. On the right hand side you'll see the Default Offline Address List, right-click it and choose Rebuild.

Scott Parisi

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