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scorpiuss -> x86 mgmt tools for x64 server? (25.Jul.2006 12:26:02 AM)

Can the EMC be installed in x86 XP when Exchange is x64? Is there an installer on the 64-bit DVD? If not, will there be in the final release?

Henrik Walther -> RE: x86 mgmt tools for x64 server? (25.Jul.2006 9:51:46 AM)

From the Exchange Server 2007 Beta 2 Release Notes:

You can install the Exchange Management Tools (which include the Exchange Management Console, the Exchange Management Shell, and the Exchange Help file) on a computer with a 32-bit processor running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP.


scorpiuss -> RE: x86 mgmt tools for x64 server? (25.Jul.2006 1:07:17 PM)

Thanks for the reply. However, running "setup.exe" from the root of the DVD on a Windows XP machine returns an error - "Not a valid Win32 application." How should the management tools be installed on Windows XP?

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