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cjonline -> OWA wrong mailbox (27.Jul.2006 1:11:37 PM)

My users are expierencing a strange problem when accessing OWA.   About 80% of the time we have no problems with OWA, but the other times we do.  What happens is that the users enters their login name and password, OWA then starts to show the mailbox page, but the mailbox header at the top of the page is NOT the same mailbox for the user that has logged in.. then another username and password box appears, when the user then puts his username and password in again it says access denied.   Has anyone else had this problem?


leederbyshire -> RE: OWA wrong mailbox (27.Jul.2006 2:23:44 PM)

If it is always the same users that are affected, then check that they have email addresses in the same SMTP domain as the users that are not affected.  You need to have an email address (but not necessarily the default) in the Primary SMTP domain as defined in your Default Recipient Policy to be able to use OWA.

cjonline -> RE: OWA wrong mailbox (27.Jul.2006 3:33:42 PM)

no.. it's different users.. and they all have the default policy e-mail address.. it only happens about 20% of the time, but it's worrying as it shows up random mailbox names when they try to log in.

leederbyshire -> RE: OWA wrong mailbox (27.Jul.2006 3:39:01 PM)

Strange. I've never heard of this happening. The best place to look would be the IIS logs in C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\W3SVC1 . Try to get familiar with the logfile contents (they look messy at first sight), and compare the logged entries for a successful logon with those of an unsuccessful logon.

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