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captbackfire -> Exchange 2000 as proxy in 2000/2003 mixed-mode (28.Jul.2006 5:36:57 PM)

I am performing a slow migration from Exchange 2000 Standard to Exchange 2003 Enterprise.  Because I am, at the same time, migrating WAN connection types (Frame to MPLS), I need to migrate users from each of our geographically-dispersed remote offices to Exchange 2003 as their offices come online with the new network.  I have read David Fosbenner's article on migrating Exchange 2000 to 2003 and see that he recommends using an Exchange Proxy server for slower migrations.  My query is whether or not I can use a spare license of Exchange 2000 Standard as the Proxy server, or do I need to buy an extra license of Exchange 2003 Enterprise.  Please advise.

Thank you,
Benjamin Rutledge

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