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intech2 -> General OWA Recommendations (3.Aug.2006 4:01:49 PM)


I have a single static IP running the following individual boxes:
1) Domain Controller
2) Web Server
3) Exchange Server(exchange 2000 server enterprise ed.)
(all boxes running Windows 2000 Server).

Everything is up and running perfectly, except for OWA. What I would like to do, since I have only 1 static IP, is run OWA from my webserver, without having to install exchange on that box. I have attempted to add a virtual directory to my webserver to the ExchWeb folder to no avail.

Can anyone point me to some good tutorials on doing this?

My gratitude ahead of time!

Lancy -> RE: General OWA Recommendations (3.Aug.2006 11:28:28 PM)

create a virtual directory and select redirection to a URl. in URL enter the http://exchangeservername or ip address/exchange.

intech2 -> RE: General OWA Recommendations (15.Aug.2006 7:02:55 PM)

Okay, The virtual directory isn't working either...

This is what I currently have configured:

1) Router-Port xx forwarded to my exchange server.
2) IIS listening on specified port xx
3) ESM-Under the exchange virtual server I have the following checked: Allow anonymous access, Basic Authentication, Windows Integrated Authentication.

I can access and use OWA from my network just fine at: http://server_name:port/exchange

When I attempt to access OWA externally I can reach the default web page at http://i.p._address:port
When I attempt to access OWA itself at http://i.p._address:port/exchange I do get prompted for username, password and domain. I have tried every conceiveable confirguration of such but it continues to prompt for username. password and domain.

Any ideas?

My gratitude ahead of time...

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