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naveedkesc -> Migration (4.Aug.2006 9:33:59 AM)

   In these days i have in big trouble, i m using exchange 2003 and windows 2003 on stand alone machine
    Active directory also on this machine exchange working fine i have 800 plus user on this machine 
      i want to migrate this server to new server base hardware but active directory dns not shows active
     directory integrated records i also to try recreate these dns records but i m failled, so without A.D dns   
     i didnt create additional domain ADMT migration also not working due to lost dns record, i create same domain
     on new machine and replicate user account through csv file but not password and i installed fresh exchange   installation on new machine and try to migrate mail box through recovery storage group, the all records migrated but not map with users i think it seems A.d schema mismatch, plz give me any solution that i can migrate exchange data base file / mail boxes without involment of previos Active directory i didnt have backup of Active directory, i also take the permision of my boss to reset all users passwords... waiting for reply

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