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andfirth -> problem with sending mail (17.Aug.2006 2:46:32 PM)


Ive installed exchange 2007 beta 2 on a 64bit platform for evualation and testing. After reading and playing with the new features I was able to create the connectors for sending and recieving mail , also I confgured the isa 2006 for publishing the exchange smtp , rpc and ssl owa services. So far so good, from OWA I can send and recieve mail without a problem. I also created two mailboxes for testing  ( one postmaster and a testuser). I have also installed the wus 3.0 beta 2 and I setup the e-mail notification from sending from postmaster to the testuser. I checked the mailbox on the testuser , but no message appeared in the mailbox. I checked also the eventviewer and on the transportservice log I get the message that the mail from postmaster was rejected from recieve connector, because of not enough permission to send.

When I test to send a message within owa from postmaster to testuser , it is no problem.

So I don't understand the permission problems , because the postmaster mailbox  is created with the existing administrator account. I tried many solutions from people who has the same problem on this forum , but problem still exists.

Also I get an error message on the transportservice about tls not started for certificate.

I hope somebody has a solution for this problem.

P.S I don't use the edge transport server, just only the hub transport.

thanks Andy

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