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dominiccoombe -> Can I run it all on one server? (8.Sep.2006 12:33:02 AM)


I an trying to find out.  I read an exchange server book and it talked about setting up a front end and back end server.

I was hoping to use my SBS server as my exchange server as well.

Is this possible I will only have 2 local ms exchange users and a handful of pop3 users from the internet.

I will be hoping to run it on a pentium 4 1.44ghz with about 1 or 2GB of ram.

Anyone able to help a newbie to setting up exchange servers



helpmeplease -> RE: Can I run it all on one server? (25.Sep.2006 11:25:54 PM)


I currently run SBS with the Exchange functionality installed on one server, the server is a 2GHZ, 2GB system and currently only needs to support a small handful of users.

Since the server only has supports such a small userbase, it doesn't really place any stress on the server at all.

So you shouldn't have any real problems.  If your userbase starts to get bigger, then you might want to consider splittting up the system e.g. Domain Controller, Exchange / File server, etc.

The SBS Setup is quite straight forward and if you follow the checklist at the beginning it should at least get you up and running.  After that you can simply tweak it.


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