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wvdp -> IMF Custom Weighting Feature (8.Sep.2006 9:36:22 AM)


I want to use the Custom Weighting Feature on my exchange server.
I followed the instructions from this article.

For example:

Someone send me this mail
Subject : Re: PHArbRMACY


All y p our P a HAR m MAC i Y d j irectl f y from the ma n nufac x tur w
Your ch o anc s e to e x cono g mize wi r th us

My IMF is rejecting this mail, but i want to receive that mail.
Because of that i configured CWF like discribed in the article.

I created this MSExchange.UceContentFilter.xml file,
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<CustomWeightEntries xmlns="">
    <CustomWeightEntry Type="SUBJECT" Change="MIN" Text="Cheap Viagra"/>
    <CustomWeightEntry Type="SUBJECT" Change="MIN" Text="Re: PHAkmRMACY"/>

After doing that i told that IMF would not reject this mail because of this line in my xml file, but the mail is still rejecting.
    <CustomWeightEntry Type="SUBJECT" Change="MIN" Text="Re: PHAkmRMACY"/>
What is my problem?
Do i have to restart some services after changing the xml-file ?

Thanks for help,,
 -> RE: IMF Custom Weighting Feature (10.Sep.2006 7:39:27 PM)

Did Bharat give you the right information in the newsgroup or is this an attempt at another answer in a different forum?

wvdp -> RE: IMF Custom Weighting Feature (11.Sep.2006 4:35:08 PM)

Yes it was good info from B. , problem is solved now, xml file was in wrong dir.


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