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allanf123 -> Can't receive internet mail (25.Sep.2006 3:23:10 AM)

I am setting up a Windows 2003 SBS server.  I set up Exchange using the Connect to the Inteernet Wizard.  I can send and receive mail internally and I can send mail to the internet, but I cannot receive e-mail from the internet.  Senders get this error:

Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server.
I can telnet Exchange from the internet using my WAN address - although I cannot telnet using the domain name.  I have checked with DNSstuff as all seems well (my domain is  I have checked and rechecked my internet MX record.  I have forwarded port 25 on my router to my server.  When I go through the System Attendant I can see e-mails in users boxes, but they are empty on their computers through Outlook (this may not be related).
I ran the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer  - no critical issues.  I have restarted and rebooted more times than I can remember.  Any ideas?

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