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tangocharlie -> Can't connect Outlook to Exchange 5.5 (4.Oct.2006 3:15:47 PM)

Hi All,

I m a new member of this great forum. I have joined it with lots of expectations. Same way I will try at my level best to be useful for this forum.

I m new for exchange server. I have installed exchange 5.5 on Win2K Adv Server. My problem is that I m able to logon to my mailbox using POP3/IMAP & OWA but not through MAPI using Outlook. It repetedly ask for the crendential. I m entering the correct user name, password and domain. I tried to access it after changing the password still no success.

I want to know whether Authentication through POP3/IMAP & OWA is different from the authentication of MAPI.

Please help me.



pjhutch -> RE: Can't connect Outlook to Exchange 5.5 (5.Oct.2006 6:14:37 PM)

The authentication is the same, as both use your domain userid to authenticate, check outlook settings, such as Kerberos/NTLM  Password authentication and that the connection is using the LAN. Make sure your account is not locked out or expired or disabled as that can prevent access to outlook.
There are some issues with later versions of Outlook with Exchange 5.5 so ensure appropiate patches are installed.

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