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djfisher -> message size limits (5.Oct.2006 4:50:50 PM)

I want to allow internal mail to be unlimited in size, but mail sent into/out of the organization to be limited to 3M.  Where would I go to effect the size of only inbound/outbound messages while allowing internal to be unlimited?
Thanks in advance.

jchong -> RE: message size limits (6.Oct.2006 5:35:57 AM)

The only thing that comes to mind is you would have to set the global setting to 3mb. This applies to all internal outgoing and external. Then configure individual mailboxes to have unlimited which would take precendence, however all email from the internet would still be restricted to 3mb coming in. Then configure an SMTP connector with 3mb size restriction so your internal users are restricted to sending max of 3mb to internet. There may be another way of doing this as well, this is just one example. To globally set mailbox settings on multiple accounts, you can use admodify.

How to set size limits for messages in Exchange Server

gaurav2022 -> RE: message size limits (6.Oct.2006 12:45:04 PM)

Its pretty simple as u dont want restrictions on incoming size, ensure that there is no global settings applied for send/recieve on store, then if use a SMTP Virtual server u can specify outgoing message sixe limit there, Or u can use SMTP connector and define size there, depends which suits and exists already in ur scenario,

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