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stunter -> Redirect to external not working (10.Oct.2006 10:52:39 AM)

Im trying to redirect email from a users account to his gmail account so that he can retrieve it with his treo.   So far I followed everything Ive found and nothing works.  Ive tried the active directory methods but they all apply to exchange 2000, and im using 2003 which looks and feels a bit different in the contact setup.  Also, Ive looked at the outlook rules and alerts but how do you make that a server side rule and not just local.  Any help would be appreciated as this is starting to frustrate me.

uemurad -> RE: Redirect to external not working (10.Oct.2006 10:56:11 AM)

1. Create a contact object in AD with the SMTP address of the user's Gmail account.
2. In ADUC, open the user object and on the Exchange General tab click on Delivery Options.  You'll see where to set up the forwarding, then select the contact object you created in step 1.

stunter -> RE: Redirect to external not working (10.Oct.2006 10:57:46 AM)

That doesnt work.  Also when I do that I cant send a message from any other account inside the network to that external account.

uemurad -> RE: Redirect to external not working (10.Oct.2006 11:11:25 AM)

What exactly doesn't work?  The setup, or the delivery?
Do you get an NDR?

stunter -> RE: Redirect to external not working (10.Oct.2006 11:18:48 AM)

Well you cant setup a smtp email address when you create a contact because the modify option isnt available.  It auto creates a mailbox on our server.  So ive tried both just adding the external mailbox manualy and leaving the internal email and ive also tried creating external account and deleting the internal account in the setup.  either way it still puts a mailbox on exchange and the email goes there and not out to gmail, hotmail, yahoo, or whatever.  Also as long as that account is created no one on the domain can email that external address cuz it goes to the internal mailbox of that new account.

uemurad -> RE: Redirect to external not working (10.Oct.2006 11:44:36 AM)

So if you right click on the OU and select New-->Contact, does it create an actual user object, or populate a contact object with your internal SMTP information?

stunter -> RE: Redirect to external not working (10.Oct.2006 11:49:43 AM)

Im not sure what your asking.  OU?  server 2003 with exchange 2003 doesnt have the modify button in the mailbox creation dialog of new contact in active directory.  It allows you to create user info and password then goes to mailbox creation which is straighup create or not.  and if you create it does an internal.  there is no option for setting external there.  So the only option i had was to create it then go in and manually add the external account to the AD object which is that new contact. I can do that but it doesnt relay the message out to the external email.  all messages sent to that external email from inside the company and all messages that are to be relayed from the forwarding contact go into the new contacts mailbox on the exchange server.  Do you understand?

uemurad -> RE: Redirect to external not working (10.Oct.2006 12:19:32 PM)

I feel there is some confusion over terminology.  In Active Directory terms, there are different types of objects.

A user object is one that allows you to log on, to have a mailbox, to essentially be part of your Windows environment.

A contact object does not create a logon ID, does not allow for passwords, and does not create or have the ability to create a mailbox.

To forward the mail to the outside account, you want to create a contact object. 

Active Directory has a hierarchical structure, one subcomponent of which is called an Organizational Unit (OU).

In the MMC called Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC), you will see your structure.  If you aren't using any sort of OU structure, you are probably creating accounts in the generic Users OU.  In ADUC, if you right click on the OU where you want this contact object to be created, then select New-->Contact, you get a different set of fields to enter data into.  When you look at the list of objects in ADUC, the icon for user objects is a human head.  The icon for a contact object is a rolodex card.

You cannot change a user object into a contact object.  You cannot have a mailbox as part of a contact object (which tells me you've created a user object instead).

stunter -> RE: Redirect to external not working (10.Oct.2006 12:36:02 PM)

You were right on the terminology thing.  I did misunderstand.  Does this take a few minutes to propagate or something, as I have now done it this way and it setup what should be correct this time but as of right now the messages arent forwarding and other internal still isnt able to send out to that external account.

uemurad -> RE: Redirect to external not working (10.Oct.2006 1:20:08 PM)

When you can see the contact object in your Global Address List, you can send to it from within Outlook.  When you are able to send mail in this manner, forwarding should work as well.

There is some replication time, and that is a function of how many Domain Controllers, Global Catalogs, and Exchange Servers you have in your environment.

If you are running Outlook in cache mode, you'll need to do two things to see the new contact immediately.
1.  In the Exchange System Manager (ESM), expand your organization, then Recipients and Offline Address Lists.  Right click on Default Offline Address List and select Rebuild
2.  In Outlook, under Tools, select Send/Receive-->Download Address Book

Otherwise, the entry likely won't show up in the list until tomorrow.

stunter -> RE: Redirect to external not working (10.Oct.2006 1:44:40 PM)

It just now started working.  Thanks for all your help.

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