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Armand12 -> Problems with OWA :( (1.Nov.2006 11:22:51 AM)

Hi all,

Right the situation is, we have an Exchange 2000 Server running on Windows 2000 Server all patched to the latest service packs.

Our existing FE OWA is on an old pc (don't ask why, it was like that when I joined the company :)), Trying to install a new FE OWA on a server, but having a couple of problems. I've installed Exchange with SP3 and set it so that it's a FE server.

In ESM I created a new Virtual Server called Exchange, so the url I want to type in to my browser will be But when I right click the virtual server in IIS and click browse, it asks for my user id and password (which I enter) but then comes back with "The page cannot be found". If I just escape the user name and password request it comes back with access denied, so it does look like it’s trying to authenticate. Also, if I type the same url in to a browser on my PC I get "The Web site cannot be found" but I have set up DNS to point to the new server.

The only change from default I did whilst setting up OWA is to use port 8080 in the host header as that’s what port we use in the company, and the old OWA is using that port.

Any help anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated as I am now tearing my hair out and have read every single guide I can find to no avail [:(]

Thanks in advance.

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