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jesusislord -> E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (2.Nov.2006 8:55:37 AM)

Dear Exchange Experts,

My old exchange server died on me, and so I had to use this 3rd part tool in order to get the mail out of the edb and stm databases.. On my new exchange server, I created new empty public folders from within outlook 2002 (Office XP), and then with this 3rd party tool, I copied and pasted the contents from the recovered public folders to the new public folders.

These new public folders are mail enabled, I can't remember consciously mail enabling them from outlook, but I think the default options are probably post and mail enable when creating public folders from outlook? not sure, but anyway, my problem is that users are not very happy that when external e-mail comes in to these public folders, the mail is stored as a post item, not an e-mail.

I searched the site the other day, and someone said there is a script or utility that you can use to convert these folders, so that they only receive mail items or something like that, but with out offending anyone, if there is an option where I can fix this with out using scripts, I would be very grateful.

Kindest Regards and thanks in advance,


(PS, while I remember, I'm using Exchange 2003)

jchong -> RE: E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (2.Nov.2006 9:56:06 AM)

That was the default behavior. However sp1 changed this.


jesusislord -> RE: E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (3.Nov.2006 5:00:47 AM)

Dear JChong,

I believe I have installed SP2 for exchange, so in theory I shouldn't be having the problem? I didn't install SP1, just a fresh install and then installed SP2. Also, when people internally send e-mail to these folders from mime clients like outlook 2002, outlook 2003 it still gets stored as a post item, rather than a mail item.

Do you still think I ought to go ahead with the registry change? the article was also mentioning note items, not sure whether that is relevant for me?

Kind Regards,


jchong -> RE: E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (3.Nov.2006 4:07:15 PM)

Yeah go ahead and try the registry fix. Let me know if it works.

jesusislord -> RE: E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (3.Nov.2006 4:39:26 PM)

Yo dude.... just literally made the change and it appears to be working... thanks for your help... got some more issues. got  a friend who is hopefully going to help me sort them out tomorrow if we can both get online at the same time.... but just in case....

When I send an e-mail to that public folder from an internal alias i get an undeliverable report... even though the message has been delivered... i'm using a .local namespace so wondering whether it is linked to dns (i'm sure it is) and most likely I haven't configured something I need to perhaps? it's all fun and games learning exchange :)

(PS... I like to tease my plants when I water them.... which is why i water them with ice!!)

jchong -> RE: E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (3.Nov.2006 4:53:15 PM)

[:D] Glad you got it working. So when you email this pf from inside using your account you get an NDR? Can you post the ndr message? I don't think it would have anything to do with using .local.

jesusislord -> RE: E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (3.Nov.2006 5:36:51 PM)

NDR as requested:-

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.


03/11/2006 21:12
The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

 support on 03/11/2006 21:12
 The e-mail address could not be found. Perhaps the recipient moved to a different e-mail organization, or there was a mistake in the address. Check the address and try again.
 <mail.domain.local #5.1.7>

If it helps, i built a new network, and create a trust relationship from the old network to the new network. Because the old domain used.com for internal and external addressess (i inherited that network) the new domain uses .local for internal and .com for external.

Anyway, when internal users would try sending messages to internal users, using the autocomplete address which is automatically filled in for you in outlook, users would get 'undeliverable error messages' so i told them to use the new GAL... which is what they are doing but now we are getting these messages when you do a CC i think... i think it is only when you do a CC, not sure will double check..

jesusislord -> RE: E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (3.Nov.2006 5:41:44 PM)

Actually, it is when i send a message i get the error to. But... this might be causing an issue, while the public folders were down during the migration, i created a user account called support and mail enabled him/her :) so e-mails were going to this user, i then changed the smtp address for this user account and then gave the support smtp address to the public folder, in theory this should work fine (i think) but wondering if something is caching in AD or in the GAL?

Maybe it is because I have a GC on the infrustructure master? but then I do have a GC on both DC's so in theory this shouldn't be causing any problems....

jchong -> RE: E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (4.Nov.2006 1:47:58 PM)

Do you get this NDR only when emailing this support PF? Try deleting your n2k file in your profile and resend. Don't think it's an issue with your Infrastructure being on GC.

How to reset the nickname and the automatic completion caches in Outlook

jesusislord -> RE: E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (6.Nov.2006 9:22:12 AM)

Thanks for your reply, managed to find the solution of deleting the NKI file, but thanks for getting me the MS article :)

Yep, just for this one public folder, although this morning my MD got a NDR message and asked me what could be causing the delays:-

Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Delay)
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed.

He's asking me what could be causing the delay? i'm thinking hotmail and gmail are pretty good mail servers so not sure if it is there end?

jchong -> RE: E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (6.Nov.2006 9:41:46 AM)

From my experience, delayed messages are usually due to the domain greylisting you, meaning they have temporarily suspended your ability to send to them. I've experienced this with Gmail which was due to sending them bulk email, not SPAM. If you send to alot of gmail recipients Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, all have bulk emailing sending policies and will greylist you. What each considers bulk mail, you would have to check their site.

jesusislord -> RE: E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (6.Nov.2006 9:57:15 AM)

Thanks for your reply, how about Calendar sharing? :)

I'm trying to set it up, but I can't seem to view my user's Calendar, he is on office 2003, i'm on office xp, and i asked him to go to the permissions and give the everyone group author priveledges... but when i try to open his calendar, i get an error message saying that I am un able to open the other users folder..... yet he is able to open mine, when i set it up the otherway...

I need to set it up for my organisation very quickly...

jchong -> RE: E-mail Items get stored as Post Items (6.Nov.2006 10:43:58 AM)

If you need to set permissions on all user's calendar so that everyone can share, use pfdavadmin to set the permissions globally. Not sure why you can't see his shared calendar, sometimes it takes a bit for the permissions to take affect.


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