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rakem -> Topology Discovery Failed. (7.Nov.2006 6:49:41 PM)

    I have just installed Exchange 2003 and SP1 onto a new 2003 R2 server.  forestprep and domain prep ran without any problems, however the following services will not star:
MS Exchange Information Store
MTA Stacks
System Attendant

Im getting event ID 2114 logged in event viewer saying that:
"Process INETINFO.EXE (PID=1592). Topology Discovery failed, error 0x80040a02. "

Our domain set up is one domain name with multiple sites, each site has its own DC which is also a GC and also every DC is a DNS server.  The site that the exchange server is in has two DCs, both are GCs and DNS servers.  The exchange server uses them as its primary and seccondary DNS servers.  I have full connectivity between all sites, I access active directory from the exchange server.

Can anyone provide some trouble shooting tips please!


jchong -> RE: Topology Discovery Failed. (7.Nov.2006 11:10:54 PM)

Please run Exchange Best Practice analyzer first, let's start with the basics such as DNS issues, network issues etc. EBPA will perform these tests, please post results.

rakem -> RE: Topology Discovery Failed. (8.Nov.2006 12:23:02 AM)

actually there is no need i managed to fix it!!

the problem was that the Exchange Enterprise Servers group was not in the manage auditing and security log policy on the default domain policy.  Once i placed it in there all the services started up and its all go!

BeTaCam -> RE: Topology Discovery Failed. (8.Nov.2006 2:00:59 AM)

Check permisisons on the Logs.



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