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SteveBush -> Exchange 2003: Send From Another Email Address (10.Nov.2006 1:12:38 PM)

I'm running SBS 2003.  I want to host multiple email domains on my Exchange 2003 server.  I have successfully configured the Default Receiptant Policy so that I can receive email from my non-primary domain.  However, when I use the From box in Outlook to send email from my non-primary email address, I get a "You do not have permission to send to this recipient.  For assistance, contact your system administrator." error.

SBS 2003 set up as as primary domain.
Added to default receipient policy. can send/receive email can only receive email.

What I would like is the ability to give out to external folks and have the message routed to my inbox.  I would then use an Inbox Rule to move all messages sent to to an inbox folder.  Another problem is that I haven't found a way yet to create an inbox rule that moves email sent to to another folder.

Thanks in advance for any help. 

bigdessert -> RE: Exchange 2003: Send From Another Email Address (13.Nov.2006 9:38:45 AM)

Stevebu has 2 e-mail address which he needs to send FROM:

Create 2 mailboxes
First 1 being Steve's main mailbox (with stevebu@abc for his SMTP)
Second 1 being a dummy mailbox (with stevebu@xyz for his SMTP) [this mailbox is never used]

Give Steve's main mailbox full access to the dummy mailbox
Have the dummy mailbox forward e-mails to Steve's main mailbox

While in Steve's main mailbox, browse the GAL for the dummy STEVE & save his details as a CONTACT
Hide the dummy mailbox so you don't cause any confusion for others.

When Steve sends an e-mail from his main mailbox the SMTP address will be Stevebu@abc
When Steve wants to send as stevebu@xyz he enters stevebu@xyz from his CONTACTS into his FROM field.

jchong -> RE: Exchange 2003: Send From Another Email Address (13.Nov.2006 9:40:42 AM)

These are limitations by design to do both things that you requested you will need these two third party add ins.

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