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seikeiaiki -> Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (14.Nov.2006 3:04:44 PM)

I am getting the following error message from Outlook 2007 when performing a send/receive. 15:02:18 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
15:02:18                                 Not downloading Offline address book files.  A server (URL) could not be located.
15:02:18                0X8004010F

I have read numerous articles on how to rebuild the OAB, have deleted and re-created the OAB, have rebooted the GC, nothing has helped. THis is a brand new install of Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2003 X64. Exchange is on a virtualized member server and AD is on a seperate virtualized Windows 2K3 machine.

Please help!

John Weber -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (14.Nov.2006 3:20:16 PM)

Sounds like you have some AutoDiscover issues.


seikeiaiki -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (14.Nov.2006 3:23:18 PM)

Could you be more specific? I am not that familiar with AutoDiscover.....

seikeiaiki -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (15.Nov.2006 10:34:14 PM)

 Ok...............anybody else have any other ideas??

seikeiaiki -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (17.Nov.2006 3:36:25 PM)

So i've tried running the OABINTEG.EXE application and all tests seem to be OK except the is my output......

Checking for Exchange system MAPI profiles.
WARNING: No exchange server profiles on this system. This is ok

Registry scan ended at: 03:32:07 PM

Starting Test 8 - OAB System Folder Check
OAB System folder check started at: 03:32:07 PM

MAPIInitialize Failure: hr = 0x80004005
MAPI Error = E_FAIL: General access denied error.
Function: StartMapi
Line number: 134

Scan Ended at: 03:32:07 PM
M Failure: hr = 0x80004005
MAPI Error = E_FAIL: General access denied error.
Function: DeleteNewProfile
Line number: 383

Performing cleanup.

Anyone have any idea why I'm getting this error and how to resolve it? This is all a DEFAULT exchange 2007 setup, i have not messed with permissions on ANYTHING. This problem is kicking my ass...any help would be greatly appreciate!

sifu128 -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (25.Nov.2006 10:29:03 PM)

Ok, here is the deal. Right now you can only use OABInteg if you have a public folder information store that is going to host the OAB Version 2, 3 and 4. OAB Version 4 will also be generated and saved to the local distribution point if you server is an everything server or set up for Web Distribution. Being that MAPI is not installed on the box you will either need to install Outlook or the standalone CDO/MAPI install.

I have not completed the code for Exchange 2007 yet. If you are building an OAB Version 4 you can follow this blog to make sure that it is being generated successful.

How to work with Exchange 2007 OAB Event Logging -

If the OAB is being generated succesfully a DS notification event should be sent to the client access server. This DS notification event will wake up the FDS (File Distribution Service) to copy the files over from the mailbox server to the client access server. By default files are copied over to the CAS every 8 hours, or unless we get an DS notification event. For more information you can read this blog:

How Exchange 2007 OAB Files are replicated to a Client Access Server for download here.

So what you need to do is open the application log and look for the event id 1008 which is the event that shows the FDS replication:

Event Type: Information
Event Source: MSExchangeFDS
Event Category: FileReplication
Event ID: 1008
Date:  11/27/2006
Time:  7:48:31 PM
User:  N/A
Computer: OABServer
Description: Process MSExchangeFDS.exe (PID=2188). Offline Address Book data synchronization task has completed successfully. OAB name: "Default Offline Address Book", Guid: edb3e44f-c49b-4597-b996-cb1093405985
For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Once the files are copied to the client access server they should reside in this directory: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\OAB\<GUID of the OAB>

If these files have not been replicated over you will not be able to download them.

In addition to this it is very possible that your OAB is not set up for web distribution and or Autodiscover has not picked up the OAB Url which should be listed under the <EXCH> section of the autodiscover.xml file that is downloaded.

You can hold down the control key and right client on the Outlook icon on your system tray to bring up the aditional options for outlook. You can then select the Test Email AutoConfiguration. Uncheck Use GuestSmart and Secure GuestSmart Authentication.

In the results pane you should see an OAB URL. In the xml section you need to look for the following:

    <ServerDN>/o=forthcoffee/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=oabserver</ServerDN>
    <MdbDN>/o=forthcoffee/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=oabserver/cn=Microsoft Private MDB</MdbDN>

You can also use your web browser to connect to the CAS server by http:\\machine\autodiscover\autodiscover.xml and you will be prompted for credentials. Once you put your credentials in you will get a 600 error and this is ok as you are connecting to the autodiscover service just fine:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
- <Autodiscover xmlns="">

- <Response xmlns="">

- <Error Time="19:54:26.7187500" Id="1632803466">

  <Message>Invalid Request</Message>
  <DebugData />   </Error>  </Response>  </Autodiscover> 
The reason why you get the 600 error is that you are not sending a proper http/get request with the schema data that is needed.

So in short, make sure that the OAB has been generated ok, the files are in the proper locations and your client is getting an OAB url, you can check this from the Outlook icon.

For more OAB information you can see my blog site:


Postoptics -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (16.Jan.2007 6:33:00 AM)

I'm seeing exactly the same problem as we migrate from Exchange 2003 to 2007

11:20:06 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
11:20:06                                 Not downloading Offline address book files.  A server (URL) could not be located.
11:20:06                0X8004010F

No issues on Exchange 2003 at all but this occurs after the mailbox is moved. However it only happens when the user is on a machine that isn't part of our domain. Same user, same version of Outlook (2007) but when used from their desktop in the domain everything is fine from their laptop which is plugged into the same network but not a member of the domain we see this error.

I even joined the laptop into our domain temporarily to prove the issue disappeared.

Anyone any ideas?

Blackduke77 -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (16.Jan.2007 7:31:24 PM)

Has the OAB VDIr been created under the default web site on the CAS server?
If you run get-offlineaddressbook you should get something like https://server_name/OABVDir/573b1547-6333-46a4-b7ac-a20ad69d59fd/oab.xml
what happens when you go there via IE?
if there is no OAB VDIR on the CAS server you can
Launch the command “New-OABVirtualDirectory” in Monad. This will create the OAB virtual directory. Open Exchange Management Console
Select Mailbox under the Organization Configuration container
Click on the Offline Address Book tab
Right-click the default oflline address book and view its properties
Click on the Distribution tab
Check the box “Enable web based distribution” and add the OAB virtual directory that was created by default.
Allow time for the file to replicate from the generation server
Let us know your results

Postoptics -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (18.Jan.2007 10:15:10 AM)

Thanks for the suggestions.

The OAB is at https://server_name/OAB/64228a00-66ea-4c25-aca0-df6e18a6cbe4/oab.xml

I can access this without any problems both internally and externally on the same url both using http and https. I get the pages of XML that you'd expect.

I must be missing something because I've since setup a standalone test machine in a new domain with a clean installation of Exchange 2007 and I'm getting identical problems!

I've tried changing the URLs under Server Configuration > Client Access > Offline Addressbook Distribution but nothing I try can make this work on machines that are not in the same domain as the Exchange server.

Any more ideas??

ahanbali -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (22.Jan.2007 3:18:00 AM)

I had this problem when I used outlook 2003 and 2007 on a computer is not joined to the domain that the Exchange server member in.
but when i used them on a member computer in the same domain it work fine.

so I think there is an issues in the permissions to access OAB folders

cizzeler -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (2.Feb.2007 2:29:05 AM)

hey, I have got the same problem.. anyone has got a solution? Its driving me crazy..

jo2jo -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (16.Feb.2007 11:59:54 PM)

same issue here with 2007 server...any one?

ewall -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (21.Feb.2007 12:51:54 PM)

Am I misunderstanding something about the [rather simple] syntax of the 'get-offlineaddressbook' command, or could the fact that mine doesn't show the URL to my OAB be related?

[PS] H:\>get-offlineaddressbook  -Identity "Default Offline Address List"

Default Offline Address List

Server: SERVER

Versions: {Version 4}

AddressLists: {Default Global Address List}

Note that I can find the URL in IIS and it is both being updated and browseable.

ewall -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (21.Feb.2007 1:16:59 PM)

Sorry for the double-post, but I just realized something possibly very helpful for all of you who are seeing the problem only for PCs that are not domain members:

Looking at the IIS permissions on the OAB virtual directory shows that "Authenticated Users" is essentially the most "open" permission there. Think through this with me: both domain users and domain computers can be authenticated, and thus read the content.

If I'm logged on as a domain user on a non-domain PC, then theoretically the processes I execute (Outlook 2007) can access domain resources in my name. But processes executed by the local computer can't. Is there a chance the that OAB download is being run by the local computer's process? Can anyone comment on this? (Dgoldman?)

Krypton -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (13.Mar.2007 10:01:42 AM)

I've got this issue with the evaluation copy of E2K7. The only way i've been able to get rid of this error was by enabling "Continuous Replication" on the storage group where the public folder database reside.

Sincerly, i really dont know what impact this can cause (i'm a real newbie with exchange), but it worked well for me.

drmorley -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (15.Mar.2007 11:27:38 AM)

I'm having the same problem too and it's driving me crazy!  Mail to internal users fails when using OA, but mail goes through when they switch to OWA, IMAP or SMTP.

I'm guessing this is an OAB problem and no matter what I try I cannot get it to download. 

Has anyone gotten this to work?  I've been searching the Internets for a fix to no avail.



drmorley -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (17.Mar.2007 3:00:33 PM)

Well, I'm still experiencing this issue.  I've tried everything to no avail.  I know the OAB is set up correctly and I can hit it from the Internet with IE.  When I log in I get a 600 error, but at least I know it's working. 

Since my OA clients can't download it mail to some internal users is failing.  They can send mail to each other just fine using OWA or IMAP, but with OA the mail to internal users fails. 

At this point I'm ready to just pay someone to get it up and running.  I'll PayPal $100 to the first person who can tell me how to fix this problem. 

Dave_R -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (20.Mar.2007 11:17:58 AM)

I'm also wrestling with this one.....if I can come up with anything i'll be sure to post it up.....or hang around here hoping that someone else figures it out [:(]

The OAB address book is set up fine, when I use OWA the Global Address list is all coming up sweet.

drmorley -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (28.Mar.2007 1:48:01 AM)

Don't suppose you've stumbled across a fix?  I'm still pulling my hair out trying to get this last issue resolved.  

ewall -> RE: Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book (28.Mar.2007 7:40:43 PM)

drmorley, I'm a little confused about your question: Is your problem really an OAB issue--that Outlook Anywhere clients aren't getting a copy of the Address Book, and thus can't find email addresses? Or is the problem that they can't email people inside the office from outside the office network?

I have a pretty good handle on how the OAB and Autodiscover stuff works now, so I may be able to point you in the right direction if that's really the issue; I have a zillion bookmarks and a few tips from my own fight with this. But if the problem is sending email to inside the company, that's different--I would bet the problem is in the permissions in your Receive Connector(s).

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