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sankurian -> Different Display Name (19.Nov.2006 9:19:48 AM)

Hi all,

Is there a way to have different display names to appear in Global address list and in the outgoing mails (mails outside my organisation). Does it make sense?

I have organised Global address list using some numbers infront of the display names and I meant this only for the users inside my organisation. These numbers will be confusing for the external recipients. So, I would like to have different display name in the outgoing mails. Is it possible?

thanks in advance.


jchong -> RE: Different Display Name (19.Nov.2006 11:58:04 AM)

Not easily without writing your own smtp sink which would be implemented at your outbound smtp smarthost. The sink would handle all outbound internet email and rewrite the display name. Look into the address re-write tool, it does a similar task in which all outbound emails are re-written usually during organizational mergers. You may be able to use this or modify the sink.

Microsoft Exchange Server Address Rewrite Tool

sankurian -> RE: Different Display Name (20.Nov.2006 2:20:18 AM)

Thank u much. Let me try this tool and see.

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