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vandenberg -> OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 3:23:42 AM)

Hi all,

I followed a great article here on this site how to change the default owa logon screen in exchange2000.(http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/A_Logon_Screen_For_MS_Exchange_2000_Outlook_Web_Access.html) I did everything what the article explained and it worked. Well it works at localhost. But the article doenst descibe how to get it working with iis so it exactly works when someone extern logs in.
Can anyone tell me how to get the asp working with exchange and iis so users get the new welcome screen i made in the asp file.?

Thx in advance!
Kind Regards
Mr Vandenberg

leederbyshire -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 8:26:48 AM)

It shouldn't make any difference where it's accessed from.  What happens when you try to access it externally?

vandenberg -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 9:31:11 AM)

Well from outside they still get the old login screen.
But i dont know how to get that asp in iis or that exchange has that as a default page.
What must i do so exchange and iis host that new asp file so i can test it from outside the office ?

thx in advance

leederbyshire -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 9:39:23 AM)

They still get the browser's grey logon box?  That is normal.  I expect that you are not seeing it internally because you are already logged onto the network, and your browser is using the already supplied logon credentials.  From the outside, if your users are not already logged into their computers using domain credentials, then they will need to login, and the they should see the mailbox name page decribed in the article.

This is a very old article, and the purpose was to duplicate the Exchange 5.5 OWA mailbox name page for those people who just liked to see it.  It's not meant to replace the IIS logon mechanism with Forms-Based Auth, like Exchange 2003 is able to.

vandenberg -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 10:06:21 AM)

Well i dont see that login screen when i go 2 the link but only when i open the asp with my browser. So i must deploy that asp at iis so when someone intern of extern types www.thisisatest.com/exchange they get that screen.
And when they type this extern of intern they get the normal login screen from owa2000 but i whant them 2 get the new asp file so when they connect 2 www.thisisatest.com/exchange so they get that asp file i made with that tutorial

leederbyshire -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 10:10:37 AM)

It can't be done by going to /Exchange alone.  You need to go to the full URL of the .asp page.

vandenberg -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 10:15:54 AM)

Ok but i put that asp file in the directory C:\Inetpub\wwwroot
so how must i host it in iis so i can go 2 it with [link=http://forums.msexchange.org/http://www.thisisatest.com/exchange/test.asp]www.thisisatest.com/exchange/test.asp[/link] or something like that

leederbyshire -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 10:24:30 AM)

You need to go to something like http://thisisatest.com/test.asp .  Exhange 2000 installs an ISAPI filter that makes IIS treat the whole Exchange Virtual Directory in a very special way.  One of the side-effects is that you can't put anything else underneath it in IIS, otherwise it will try to treat it as a mailbox.

vandenberg -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 10:32:07 AM)

but how does my webserver know that test.asp is being hosted ? and that users can go to http://thisisatest.com/test.asp  ?

leederbyshire -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 10:36:19 AM)

If you put it in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot , and your Default Web Site has not been deliberately directed elsewhere, then you don't need to do anything else in IIS.  If you open IIS Manager, and locate the Default Web Site in the tree view on the left, and click on it, you should see the test.asp file listed on the right.  If you can see it there, then it is ready to go.

vandenberg -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 10:54:53 AM)

OK i get it :)
i tried from extern and now get the message forbidden
must i do something in isaserver to ?

leederbyshire -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 11:05:56 AM)

Can you already reach your default web site externally at http://yourserver ?

Does it say '403 - Forbidden' ?  This usually just means that you have required SSL in IIS, but are not typing https:// in your URL.

vandenberg -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 11:09:45 AM)

Yeah with exchange behind it it works still the same.
I put also /exchange/* at isa but dunno if that works
i also put ssl on the asp so they need https so thats not it

leederbyshire -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (23.Nov.2006 11:13:43 AM)

It sounds like you haven't published your Default Web Site in ISA - only the path to Exchange.  If so, then you won't be able to see anything else outside that Virtual Directory.

vandenberg -> RE: OWA Login screen Change (24.Nov.2006 2:40:19 AM)

Yeah i was thinking the same thing. hmmm dunno of publishing the default website is an option here hehe i mean security etc i try it at home!
thx for all yar help!!

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