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Semaj -> weird OWA issue when replying to email (29.Nov.2006 12:40:04 PM)

I have one Exchange OWA users that has a weird problem whenever she tries to respond to an incoming email.  This particular user users OWA 2000 to receive all of her email from our company; however, when she clicks on the "Reply" button within the email the entire message that she is responding is gone.  Basically the history of the email does not show, it looks to the user that she is responding to as it the email is new, and not a response, because the initial email body is not within the email.  I have looked on the Exhcange server for any type of setting that may be causing this; however, I have found nothing.  As far as I know there isn't a setting within Exchange OWA 2000 that would allow a person to modify the "Reply" aspects of an email.  She does not user Outlook or Outlook Express to receive any email, only Exchange 2000 SP3 OWA, and I only have this one users out of about 100 that seems to have this issue.

jchong -> RE: weird OWA issue when replying to email (29.Nov.2006 1:29:00 PM)

Do you have IIS lock down tool installed? If so try this.


To correct the problem, edit the urlscan.ini file to allow
for a dot in the path.  


If not, does this occur for everyone and all messages? Are you using IE6 with all updates?

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