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rrisher -> Sending As (29.Nov.2006 5:30:13 PM)

Okay, I finally conquered the recieving on multiple domain issuse and not I am on to the next quest...

I need to mask the main domain with the users default domain...


my server is I have a user set up and running on and I always want his mail to come from  After configuring the policys for defaulting to the proper domain the outlook client always sends from I have tried changing the send from address in the outlook clinet and it doenst work.. I get an undeliverable error. 

the user will always send from and never

so how is this done? i dont need to create a virtual SMTP server do i?

jchong -> RE: Sending As (29.Nov.2006 6:35:29 PM)

The user will send out as whatever his default email address is provided by RUS. If you look at his email addresses what's the default address? This is denoted with the bold.

rrisher -> RE: Sending As (30.Nov.2006 2:34:53 PM)

whats RUS?

jchong -> RE: Sending As (30.Nov.2006 3:29:04 PM)

Recipient update service provides your objects with the smtp domain for email addresses. Since you are hosting couple domains this tutorial should help.

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