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robheaton -> All Email "On Behalf Of"? (13.Dec.2006 5:16:49 PM)


This problem developed a week ago, here's some background info;

I have a Small Business Server R2 (Standard) server, with windows xp SP2 &
Outlook 2003 on the clients.

Our email is downloaded using the builtin exhange pop3 connector.
When external email is displayed in outlook 2003 (Same in OWA), the original
senders email address is hidden.

The addres is shown as; on behalf of "Senders Name"

Is there anyway to get it to display the senders email addres again?
I have found out that is a mail server with our isp.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Corey Bryant -> RE: All Email "On Behalf Of"? (14.Dec.2006 6:17:30 AM)

Two domains - One user might help - I have ran into the same problem.  IvaSoft though does not support Outlook 2007 at the moment. 

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