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mywifeisdead -> E-mails are not coming. And a strange sync issue. (19.Dec.2006 8:31:12 AM)

Hi there. Yesterday afternoon one of the users here stopped receiving e-mails from other servers. There are no problems with the local e-mails, but when something is sent from outside it's not coming. Yesterday evening I sent a few test e-mails and one of them arrived a few hours ago. Everything else didn't. By the same time this started to happen some sync issues started to appear. Here's one of them:

11:39:22 Synchronizing server changes in folder 'Deleted Items'
11:39:22 Downloading from server 'xxxxxxxxxxx'
11:39:22 Error synchronizing folder
11:39:22                 [80004005-501-FFFFF9BF-560]
11:39:22                 The client operation failed.
11:39:22                 Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
11:39:22                 For more information on this failure, click the URL below:
11:39:22 Done
11:39:22 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
11:39:22 Download successful
This happens with "Deleted Items", "Inbox", "sent items" and "my folder". Of course the link is not working, and I couldn't find anything useful when I searched in the MSKB and google. The only useful thing I could find was that it might be a DB corruption. How can I find out what it is? Can it be fixed? Does anyone have any suggestions?
Addon: A SPAM e-mail just arrived. It's first for the day, when usually 10-15 SPAMs comes daily.

Psiphon -> RE: E-mails are not coming. And a strange sync issue. (21.Dec.2006 8:50:07 AM)

You don't specify the version of Outlook, early versions (2000) had a max size of 2GB above this it became corrupted and behaved erratically.
Best thing to do is rename the OST and then create a new one and resynch with that.
If there is an issue with the size then immediatley archive to a pst to reduce the size.

Some tools and info that you might find usefull.


mywifeisdead -> RE: E-mails are not coming. And a strange sync issue. (22.Dec.2006 3:43:35 AM)

Oh! How stupid of me. I have MS Exchange 2000 Server and the user uses Outlook 2003. There are no more sync issues, and e-mails arrive, but the user sais that there might be still missing mails, and message sent at 9AM is received at 11AM. Outlook version 2003 and the mailbox size is 1.3 GB (that's what Exchange System Manager shows). So I don't know. It seems fine for now.

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