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Minime -> Access Denied Message (22.Dec.2006 8:04:26 AM)


I am getting access denied message when i try to open the user folder from the following path:

also i am not recieving any emails if not locally

we used to be a child from onther domain, and we decided to split, so we've removed the exchange server and install it again and it's update and SP and the active directory and everything is needed. also told the mailhosting company to change the IP address pointing to our IP address and they did.

when anyone send me email he gets back a delivery report "failed".

in the IIS, the exchange server Directory Have an error logo "the red one" and inside this directory when i try to open any user folder, a message appears : Access Denied.

Please any suggestions.

Admin -> RE: Access Denied Message (25.Jan.2017 1:15:14 PM)

you really need to post more about errors which are reported.

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