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jhauxwell -> Cant Access Documents (22.Dec.2006 9:01:18 AM)


Hope someone can help with this, its driving me mad.

I am new to exchage but have sucessfully managed to set it up and can send/recieve mail quite happily.  The reson for looking at using Exchange in our organisation is the facility to open document folders over the Invernet.

I have followed the guides on this website to allow document access but it just wont work - i type the path for the share \\exchage1\fileshare for example and i just receive an error "The location that you attempted to access cannot be shown in Outlook Web Access"

Am i doing something obviously wrong? - the location "fileshare" is a folder in the root of the local drive in the machine and is shared with full permissions.

I hope this is easily sorted!

Merry Christmas,

Henrik Walther -> RE: Cant Access Documents (22.Dec.2006 11:57:48 PM)

And this respective file server is on the Allow list on the property page of the OWA virtual folder in the Exchange Management Console right?

jhauxwell -> RE: Cant Access Documents (27.Dec.2006 4:01:05 AM)

Hi Henrik,

Thanks for the reply - i had a look at the allowed list on the OWA properties, you were correct - i hadnt addded the local machine into the list.  I have since tried but still seem to be failing.

The full name of the server is exchange1.exchangetest.local , the folder im trying to share is c:\\fileshare.  So, in the OWA allow list i have created a new entry and called it \\exchange1.exchangetest.local\fileshare and when i open OWA and attempt to access the documents i use this same path but still i get the error in OWA.

Thanks in advance for any furhter comments,


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