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Mondeo -> New user cannot use OWA (28.Dec.2006 11:11:23 AM)


I've created a new user using AD users and computers, in the same way i've always done. The new users mailbox seems fine, they can connect using Outlook and also POP3 however when trying to connect using OWA they get the login screen, enter thier details and then just get a 404 page not found error.

Everyone elses OWA in the company is working fine, its just this new user?

Any help appreciated.

leederbyshire -> RE: New user cannot use OWA (28.Dec.2006 3:08:59 PM)

Have a look at this user's AD record in Active Directory Users And Computers.  Do they have email addresses in the same SMTP domains as everyone else?

Mondeo -> RE: New user cannot use OWA (3.Jan.2007 11:53:09 AM)

Thanks, that was the problem.

This new user is the first in a new department who have a different email domain. When I added a secondary address in the old domain OWA worked fine?

Why did this happen? Its no problem, but surely Exchange can cope with multiple domains.

leederbyshire -> RE: New user cannot use OWA (3.Jan.2007 11:55:46 AM)

Strangely, each OWA directory can only handle one SMTP domain.  You need to either add extra email addresses to the users, or create extra Virtual Directories in Exchange System Manager to cover each extra domain.  It does seem strange, but this is a common problem.

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