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ahanbali -> 0X8004010F Offline Address Book (15.Jan.2007 2:01:46 AM)

After installing MS Exchange 2007, and configuring it with two domains I had this problem on outlook 2003, a log mail logged in the "Sync Issues" shows that thier is a problem to download offline address book with error code "0X8004010F".
is thier a way to resolve this problem.

mdriscoll -> RE: 0X8004010F Offline Address Book (15.Jan.2007 10:43:21 AM)

Did you set up Exchange to publish the OAB for Outlook 2003 clients?

ahanbali -> RE: 0X8004010F Offline Address Book (15.Jan.2007 11:08:06 AM)

off course, it is configured to be published by public folder, and to be compatible with outlook2003 sp2 or later[8|]

mpapier -> RE: 0X8004010F Offline Address Book (18.Jan.2007 3:34:26 PM)

I have the same issues currently as we just began testing with exchange 2007. I haven't tried it yet, but other users who simply rebooted their Exchange 2003 server(s) had the issue disappear.

ahanbali -> RE: 0X8004010F Offline Address Book (21.Jan.2007 10:14:19 AM)

Even if I use outlook 2007 I get the same log.
but if i use domain memeber computer I did not get this log.
I think thier is an issues in the permissions to access the OAB.

LordSupafly -> RE: 0X8004010F Offline Address Book (10.Apr.2007 2:49:25 PM)

Well, I have about 25 users here and everyone has it except the 4 with Outlook 2007.  Although it's about Exch 2003, I've been here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/905813 but that didn't help. 

I tried to create a new AddressList with just 1 address in it and a new OAB with just that list.  I've tried everything I could fathom, but nothing seems to fix it.  I really need some help if someone comes up with a solution.

LordSupafly -> RE: 0X8004010F Offline Address Book (10.Apr.2007 3:04:39 PM)

Okay, I fixed my own problem.  I got an idea from some other random article about Exchange 2003.

Here was my fix:
-In the Exchange 2007 mgmt console and go to Server Configuration>Mailbox
-In the bottom section, double-click the storage group for the mailboxes
-Go to the 'Client Settings' tab and make sure the proper OAB is specified.

Mine was empty for whatever reason (even though this was a clean, default install) and once I specified the default one, the problems went away.

Hope that helps someone.

t0ta11ed -> RE: 0X8004010F Offline Address Book (12.Apr.2007 3:53:13 PM)

I've had this lingering problem with all my Outlook 2003 users since cutting over to Exchange 2007. My OAB location was empty as well. Pointed to the Default OAB and am waiting to see if synch errors retrun. Good catch Supafly!

What's really irritating is that there isn't much info out there about this little setting and if that's what does the trick...it's another one of those fixes that are so simple you could slap yourself. Realistically this should've been set by default by the server though.

t0ta11ed -> RE: 0X8004010F Offline Address Book (13.Apr.2007 4:27:17 PM)

This seems to have cleared up any OAB Sync issues with some users. Others still are getting them, but I think this has more to do with their leaving clients connected. So far it would appear that this is the culprit. Incredibly stupid that the server doesn't set this value on it's own though.

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