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Hartman -> PF's not recieving external emails (19.Jan.2007 2:12:30 PM)

Hello All,

I have an exchange 2003 SP2 environment and I have a few PF's that need to be email aware. I have configured the email address and internal outlook clients have no problems sending emails to the PF. But external email never arrive at the PF

Any Suggestions


uemurad -> RE: PF's not recieving external emails (19.Jan.2007 2:42:54 PM)

Does the PF have an externally accessible SMTP address?
If so, send a message to it from an outside account (yahoo, hotmail).  If it doesn't arrive, check Message Tracking to see if it is reaching your Exchange server and what is being done to it.

Hartman -> RE: PF's not recieving external emails (19.Jan.2007 3:59:47 PM)

I gave it an smtp address and when I send from outside to the PF and a user acount the user email arrives and the PF does not


uemurad -> RE: PF's not recieving external emails (19.Jan.2007 5:56:55 PM)

Any chance to check Message Tracking?
What happens if you manually send a message using Telnet to the PF?
Any folder limits?

Hartman -> RE: PF's not recieving external emails (22.Jan.2007 10:56:49 AM)


I deleted and created the folder again and force a sync and changes update. This fixed  the invalid email address problem. Now I can telnet in an the server accepts the address but the mail still does not arrive in the PF


uemurad -> RE: PF's not recieving external emails (10.Feb.2007 3:29:22 PM)

What permissions does that mailbox have for the PF?

topski -> RE: PF's not recieving external emails (12.Feb.2007 5:35:38 PM)

Hi there,

I have exactly the same problem. I am running Exchange 2k3 in a front end-back end scenario. When I send a mail (done from the LAN) with telnet to the Exchange back end to recipient, the message gets into the PF. When I try the same to the Exchange Front end, the message does not arrive at the PF. All other mail (to regular Windows AD accounts) works well.

I  configured the front end to send to a smart host (the back end) but this does not work either. I really have no idea and am totally lost on this one.

Any ideas ?

Best regards,

Ronald Top

uemurad -> RE: PF's not recieving external emails (12.Feb.2007 5:47:01 PM)

Here is an excerpt from a thread I was just involved with.  See if it applies to your situation.


  With the initial setup of the FE server, I was unable to delete the Public Folder.  I could dismount it, and I could manually delete the db and tmp files, but it would NOT let me delete it through System Manager, no matter what I tried.  So, I assumed that was good enough, left dismounted.  Wrong. 

For grins, I enabled the PF store, and low and behold, mail was delivered to the PF on the BE server.  So, I searched and discovered you have to delete the PF store using adsiedit.  All of the MS documentation I was using made no mention of deleting the store that way.  Nice.

So, once I used that to nuke it, replicated the change between the DCs.... poof.  Folder gone, and all mail was forwarding to the BE. 

topski -> RE: PF's not recieving external emails (12.Feb.2007 5:53:34 PM)

Hi there,

Well basically I have the same problem in two different situations. One is in a situation where I migrated from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003 and the other is an Ex2k3 installation buid form scratch. This might be different causes as far as I can see now. The stuff you quoted could be the case for situation two. How can I verify if this applies to my situation 2 ? I thought there was no PF active on a FE machine ..



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