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wajih -> Cannot Send email to email address (30.Jan.2007 9:17:37 PM)


I am new to exchange 2003 I was able to configure everything properly, I have Windows2003 Server with Active Directory and DNS server installed and also have Exchange Server 2003, I am facing two problems and would really appreciate if anybody can help me.

Problem Number 1:

When I ever I try to send an email to a hotmail email address for example it will just stuck in the queue, when I go to the queue and select delete msg with NDR this is what I get. on 30/01/2007 7:44 PM
 This message was rejected due to the current administrative policy by the destination server. Please retry at a later time. If that fails, contact your system administrator.
 < #4.3.2>

After doing all my research in google I heared that people are saying its a problem with DNS server and I have already played with that part by changing my DNS server to five different Servers in Exchange under SMTP settings. Now when I restart my server the email will get delivered with no problem. I also noticed that if I don't login to my server and send email to hotmail it will get delivered with no problem this only happens when I logged in so this verifies that its not a DNS issue otherwise I was not able to send email to hotmail email address. REMEMBER I can send email to domain, domain,, etc. with no problems, its only happen when I send email to or Please help me as I don't think its a DNS issue or Blacklist issue. Its a fresh install with Windows2003 Server and Exchange Server 2003 with an update of SP2.

I do have firewall and I have opened both DNS PORT 53 and SMTP port 25 (that the reason I can send email to any address except hotmail/msn email addresses)

Problem Number 2:
I noticed that my Windows2003 Server restarts fines but after installing Exchange2003 Server on the same machine I cannot restart my machine it always hangs on shutting down your computer..., I have left this going on for an entire whole day (8am to 9pm) and it was still stuck, I have to shut it down by pressing the power button, it all work fine before exchange the problem only started after I install exchange please advice

Thanks in advance.


uemurad -> RE: Cannot Send email to email address (31.Jan.2007 2:33:47 PM)

Problem 1:
Whenever I run into a situation where mail isn't being delivered to a particular destination, I test by using Telnet via port 25 from my outbound server to the recipient's inbound server.  You will see the responses to each of the SMTP commands and that usually points me in the proper direction.

Problem 2:
Exchange will not allow your server to shutdown in some cases where there is danger of corrupting your data.  Try dismounting all Stores (including public folders) first.  Even if that doesn't immediately solve the slow shutdown, at least you won't endanger your Infomation Stores.  Next, try dismounting the stores and stopping all the Exchange services before rebooting.  That will at least tell you if it is Exchange or something else delaying the shutdown.

wajih -> RE: Cannot Send email to email address (31.Jan.2007 2:40:23 PM)

ok so I just telnet and it works am I missing something else. Here is what I got when I telnet. the Server name and the ip address is with XX

220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version: 6.0.3790.1830 read
y at  Wed, 31 Jan 2007 14:37:07 -0500
250 Hello [XX.XX.XX.XX]
250 OK

wajih -> RE: Cannot Send email to email address (31.Jan.2007 2:47:35 PM)

Problem no. 2 is solved. I have to install SP1 for exchange and then SP2 and it fixes my restart problem now the problem is only email sending to addresses.


uemurad -> RE: Cannot Send email to email address (31.Jan.2007 3:05:21 PM)

What about the rest of the SMTP responses?  Did you successfully address the message (From and To), create the content, and have it delivered?

wajih -> RE: Cannot Send email to email address (1.Feb.2007 10:08:39 AM)

Yeh that works fine. Remember this all works until I m not logged in to the windows and the screen is waiting for CTRL+ALT+DEL action to login.


uemurad -> RE: Cannot Send email to email address (1.Feb.2007 11:00:46 AM)

In your first post you say that it works if you're not logged in and your last post says it works only while you are logged in.

Although those seem to contradict, the symptoms seem to point to something that launches when you log in (either that something allows the mail to flow or stops it from flowing).  Regardless of which, I'd suggest you look there.

One way you can do that is by using the Terminal Services Manager.  With nothing logged into your Exchange server, open the TSM and connect to the Exchange server.  On the processes tab you can see what is running.  Then log in and note any differences.  Begin your troubleshooting by analyzing what those differences are.

wajih -> RE: Cannot Send email to email address (1.Feb.2007 11:34:05 AM)

Well I will check the services to see what is stopping that email. again it only works fine when nobody is logged or stuck on power windows where it says y the systems what shutdown at that time everything works.

I will keep you posted.


Nicodemius -> RE: Cannot Send email to email address (9.Feb.2007 4:29:48 AM)


Have you check to make sure that your setting on your adsl modem is correct?
I had once a problem like this were as, it was as simple as setting the WAN Connector From PPPoE to PPPoA as specified by the ISP.

wajih -> RE: Cannot Send email to email address (9.Feb.2007 11:37:43 AM)

I have Cable Inetenet that means I get an IP directly from ISP. I think it something in the services which is stopping emails to go it only works as soon as I reboot the PC.

My Network Diagram is like

SERVER----Switch----Unix Firewall----Cisco Router----Internet

Nicodemius -> RE: Cannot Send email to email address (13.Feb.2007 5:46:11 AM)

On your Unix Firewall(not so familar with those), have you checked the logs to see if it reports anything around the time you try to send to the domain?

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