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mleklund -> Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (1.Feb.2007 5:46:01 PM)

I am using outlook 2003 to connect to exchange and when I send an email with attachment that is over 10MB I get error 0x80040610 "the message size being sent exceeds the message size established for this user"

get-sendconnector shows all send connectors have a maxmessagesize of 150MB
get-recieveconnector shows all recieve connectors have a maxmessagesize of 150MB

get-transportconfig shows MaxSendSize is unlimited

get-Mailbox shows MaxSendSize is unlimited.

I can recieve large emails fine.  I am pulling my hair out over this....

Any help would be appreciated.


Henrik Walther -> RE: Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (2.Feb.2007 3:01:59 AM)

You might want to try to force these changes through by restarting the Microsoft Exchange Transport Service.

There's no other places in Exchange 2007 you can configure the message size limits.

mleklund -> RE: Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (2.Feb.2007 11:42:31 AM)

I tried that, I tried rebooting the server, is there a per attachement limit?


mleklund -> RE: Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (2.Feb.2007 12:07:39 PM)

false alarm.  It now appears to be working.  I believe that maybe it has to do with caching or something of the like..... ad propagation maybe.... I hate it when something starts working without explaination though....

Henrik Walther -> RE: Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (3.Feb.2007 4:51:17 AM)

Hi Mike,

I know what you mean [8D]

BTW there's no other places to configure these limits, so you did it corretly in the first place...

mijo -> RE: Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (22.Mar.2007 12:23:54 PM)

I am having the same issue.  I have restarted the transport service and the server.  I am having this issue with only select users, not all.  I also have set the TransportConfig and Mailbox to unlimited.

sfosmire -> RE: Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (26.Mar.2007 5:20:07 PM)

Sorry to chime in, but I could almost verbatim write the subject and text of the original poster, with the exception that when I try to send a file larger than 10 MB from the outside to the Exchange server I get "This message is larger than the current system limit or the recipient's mailbox is full"  So we can't send or receive large attachments. So same error message exactly in Outlook 2003 with an Exchange 2007 server.  MaxMessageSize set to 100MB on send and both receive connectors (defualt 25 & client 587), unlimited MaxSendSize and MaxReceiveSize in transportconfig & mailbox.  I've restarted the MS Exchange Transport Service twice and that was on Thursday of last week, it's now Monday and it's still not working, so whatever caching of values would surely be gone by now, or do I really have to stop all Exchange services or reboot the server? It's a single server install with all roles local, no edge transport.  This is a short set of postings and I did read the "there's no other places to configure these limits" but something isn't configured right.  If you have any other ideas I would appreciate it.  And I am seriously considering buying your book. -Steve

sfosmire -> RE: Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (27.Mar.2007 9:48:53 AM)

Update, I rebooted the server last night and still can't send larger than 10MB files.  I can receive 10MB from the Internet.  So rebooting didn't help...  -Steve

sfosmire -> RE: Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (29.Mar.2007 10:19:07 AM)

Yet another update:  I decided to change the Mailbox limits from "unlimited" to an actual limit and see if that made a difference, and it did.  In the Exchange Management Console (the GUI tool) I went to the Recipient Configuration area and then to the Mailboxes.  I edited the properties of one user and went to the "Mail Flow Settings" tab.  Highlight the "Message Size Restrictions" and click the properties button.  Now, the Sending Message SIze and Receiving Message Size "Maximum Message Size in KB" were unchecked, hence the get-Mailbox report of MaxMessageSize = unlimited.  I checked both boxes and entered 102400 (100 MB in KB) and saved.  I didn't even restart the transport service or anything and voila!  I was able to send files larger than 10 MB.  I then changed all the users the same way (there's probably a global way to do this, but I only have 15 users.)  Now get-Mailbox in the Exchange Management Shell shows 100 MB on all mailboxes.  I still don't understand why not setting a limit and get-mailbox showing unlimited isn't actually unlimited, but there's probably a twisted Microsoft logic to it somewhere.  If someone has an actual different answer with the mailboxes not limited at all, please fill me in.

mleklund -> RE: Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (2.Apr.2007 10:22:59 PM)

Sorry for not posting earlier, I ran into this and figured out the same thing that unlimited is not really unlimited, when all is set to unlimited it appears to fall back to exchange 2003's base setting of 10MB.  So you can set all users to some amount, or you can set the transport config and it applies this to all users


Set-TransportConfig -MaxReceiveSize 30MB -MaxSendSize 30 MB

This seems to work on my setup

sfosmire -> RE: Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (7.Apr.2007 7:58:50 PM)

Well, that would have been a lot easier than doing it for each user, duh.  I'm glad I only have 15 users.  I guess if I had hundreds, I would have tried something different after the first 50 or so.  Thanks for that tip with the TransportConfig.  -Steve

naughtyboy119 -> RE: Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (1.Feb.2008 5:16:44 PM)

I got the same problem, All users are unlimited. The send connector has unlimited.
The transportconfig maxsendsize is unlimited also.
I have try to chang transportconfig to maxsendsize to 100MB, but it doesnt help.
Now i change all to 100MB even my mailbox account. Is there any other place that i can change the Maxmessagesize limited....
This is really annoyed, i have only on exchange 2007 server RTM, not upgrade form exchange 2003. Please help

DHighsmith -> RE: Outlook 0x80040610 exceeds message size (8.Feb.2008 9:38:20 AM)

I had the exact same problem. Our consultant fixed this so i do not know the specific commands he used but i do know the general idea. We stopped the Edge Syncornization -- Configured the Hub transporter to allow the size limits we wanted. Then, restarted the Edge Sync with the updated Hub transporter configuration. Haven't had a problem since.

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