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sikkalgopal -> abnormal growing of log files (6.Feb.2007 11:29:06 PM)

I have 9 Storage Groups, some of them have one or more mailbox store.7th.8th and 9th Store groups are empty ( no users associated with those groups).I am testing sending and receiving mails all other storage groups.Strangely the 7 to 9 th groups log files also increasing fastly.If i give full backup through ntbackup all other storage groups
log files are truncating except these groups . Any thought?

mfletcher -> RE: abnormal growing of log files (7.Mar.2007 4:23:08 AM)

What ver of Exchange are you using? 

Henrik Walther -> RE: abnormal growing of log files (7.Mar.2007 7:31:32 AM)

In Exchange 2007 best practice is one database per Storage Group.

This issue sounds very strange, are you sure Storage Group 7,8 and 9 doesn't share the same log path as some of the other Storage Groups or something?

sikkalgopal -> RE: abnormal growing of log files (17.Apr.2007 5:26:01 AM)


Sorry for the delayed response.After some research i found if the storage group is replication enabled,log files are not truncating as in the exchange 2003 when ntbackup done.It takes its own time to replay the log files into the database.Also the store
location and replication location are not consistenet at any given time.

Any thoughts ?


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