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sdsinc -> Looking for mail list add-on (7.Feb.2007 7:03:29 AM)


Here is my problem: I have a client using Ms-Exchange 2003.

They need to send a newsletter to around 2000 subscribers.
It seems that no mail list module comes bundled with Exchange (I am baffled at this).

My client would like to be able to easily send the newsletter to all the subscribers for example by sending an E-mail to a dedicated mailbox like newsletter@theircompanyname.com... just as you would do with conventional mail list software, so that the mail server will then send the newsletter to each susbcriber, one at a time.

I found mail list software from www.ikakura.com which would do the job but my client is looking for something more sophisticated...
They would like to be able to manage the list of subscribers as if they were shared contacts/public folder items.

All users in the organization should be able to peruse the list and make changes if needed. If possible my client would also like to grant change permissions to certain users only (but this is not a must).

Subscription opt-in or otp-out need not be automated, actually the client prefers to manage the list manually.

So is there any add-on or third party software available that would work like this [;)]


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