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sikkalgopal -> View as html option (14.Feb.2007 9:14:41 AM)


In exchange 2007 owa iam not able to view the mails which are in html format.If a mail
which has only text, shows normally.If anything in the format of html just blank page alone able to view.Is anything has to be enable to view properly?


tjdougherty -> RE: View as html option (17.Feb.2007 3:31:11 PM)

Is this in Outlook and OWA ?

If it displays correct in OWA do a "detect and repair" in Outlook .

sikkalgopal -> RE: View as html option (18.Feb.2007 8:42:48 AM)


Thanks for the reply.

Both OWA and outlook.I got subject messages and text messages.Only if the message is in html
format then i got only blank page.If i select View Soruce code for that message nothing in it.

Any clue?

Henrik Walther -> RE: View as html option (18.Feb.2007 10:30:51 AM)

And this happens regardless of the workstation you're testing it on?

sikkalgopal -> RE: View as html option (19.Feb.2007 7:37:02 AM)


Thanks for the reply,

Yes checked with no of  xp machines,a vista  and the server itself.


Abasi -> RE: View as html option (20.Feb.2007 1:18:43 PM)

I am having this same problem but with Exchange 2003. It seems to only happen on HTML messages that are coming from the outside. I also realize that our outgoing HTML messages are converting to text only for recipients outside our firm. If you send a message internally, it stays HTML, this is the case for both Outlook & OWA.

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