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yourisd -> Mailstore size (21.Feb.2007 12:26:29 AM)

Exchange server 2003 sp2
I have a 250gb storage group and have four mail stores.  I am trying to balance them out and was wondering if there is a way to view the store size besides looking at the DB files.  It seems there should be an easy way to just view that/?  Am I missing something simple?

uemurad -> RE: Mailstore size (21.Feb.2007 9:38:58 AM)

The answer you seek is one step less simple than that.  The true store size will be the physical size minus the white space reported by the online defrag each night (look for the 1221 Events in the Application Log).

I don't know of any view in Exch 2003 that is going to tell you what you want.

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