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TwoJ -> HTTP to HTTPS redirect, what changed?? (21.Feb.2007 12:43:03 PM)

Hi Everyone, first post here :-)

I recently installed Exchange 2007 on a test server and i have been trying to figure out how i can get the http to redirect to https for the owa directory.
I have set up previously exchange 2003 OWA where when a user would put in it would redirect to , using the redirect to /exchange URL in Home directory in the default web page in IIS6, and then a owahttps.asp code instead of the standard 403.4 SSL error to do the actual change over to https. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the technique.

This works fine in exchange 2003, but in 2007 the URL seems to be necessary (since it is the only exchange server) that the path is https://server/owa instead of https://server/exchange. However when i do the same technique for the /owa directory i get a 'Http 404 Not Foundí error with the discription 'The webpage cannot be found'. I've gone into the directory security and removed the SSL requirement, then i get the OWA login form but it is running through http://server/owa/...
Any ideas how i can get it so that the will redirect to https://server/owa ?

Henrik Walther -> RE: HTTP to HTTPS redirect, what changed?? (23.Feb.2007 2:37:26 AM)

You can use the method mentioned in the Exchange documentation:

TwoJ -> RE: HTTP to HTTPS redirect, what changed?? (23.Feb.2007 9:46:23 PM)

Thanks Henrik!

That does indeed work, i did change the 'CONTENT="0' in order for the page to redirect faster, however the page is still visable at least for a bit.

Do you know of anyway to redirect more quickly, the way i am using with our 2003 OWA is through the asp with the following script;

If Request.ServerVariables("HTTPS")  = "off" Then
     Response.Redirect "https://" & Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_HOST") & "/Exchange"
End If

This script i find works well and quickly however everytime i try using this with exchange 2007 i either get the above 404 error or a HTTP 403 Forbidden error with the page saying; "The website declined to show this webpage"

Thanks for the help!

praveenbalan -> RE: HTTP to HTTPS redirect, what changed?? (28.May2010 2:18:56 PM)

Create the following file in Notepad and save it to C:\inetpub\wwwroot as SSLRedirect.htm

<title>HTML Redirection to https:</title>
CONTENT="1; URL=https">
This page is attempting to redirect you to <a href=""> </a><br>
If you are not redirected within a few seconds, please click the link above to access Outlook Web Access.

Open IIS Manager, and then navigate to Web Sites/Default Web Site. Right-click Default Web Site, and then click Properties.

Click the Home Directory tab, and then click the A redirection to a URL option.

In Redirect to, enter /OWA

Select The client will be sent to: A directory below the URL entered above

Click the Custom Errors tab, and then find HTTP Error 403;4 in the table. Click 403;4 to select it, and then click Edit

Click Browse to locate the file that you created (SSLRedirect.htm) at the start of this procedure

Click OK to save your changes

Open a Command Prompt window, and then type iisreset /noforce to restart IIS

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