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farisnt -> Add an Answered Forum Section .. (22.Feb.2007 7:22:30 AM)


there is a small commect I dont know how possible it is
as this forum getting bigger and have more users ... so there are more problem submitted by users as other user post their problem and then disappear couse it just to the other pages .. so members may not note the problem and maybe the this user problem will stay .
I suggest that if you can add a button named as ( Answered ) if the user request answered and his problem solved this user press on the Answered button and then this post move to a forum named as Solved Problem ..
and by this way when users come for a problem they can check the Solved forum section and see if thrie problem was listed or a similler problem is listed they can read it and have a quicker answer for thrie problem as the problem already soleved by other users.. and in the main forum only the problem that are not solved remain.

and I also recommand that another section opened and named as Users write .. so we can write articles.

Thanks for reading .. a

Barbara Matysik Magro -> RE: Add an Answered Forum Section .. (8.Mar.2007 5:40:33 AM)

Hi Faris,
Thank you for your suggestion. We will take it under consideration when planning Forums' improvements in the future.
Best Regards,

farisnt -> RE: Add an Answered Forum Section .. (8.Mar.2007 8:25:15 AM)

Thanks for reply
I got a Q
can anyone post a artical in the artical page ???

Barbara Matysik Magro -> RE: Add an Answered Forum Section .. (8.Mar.2007 8:36:30 AM)

Hi Faris,
Thanks again for your suggestion but we only publish articles written by authors bound to us by a contract.
Best Regards,

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