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Al Hamrani -> SMTP PROBLEM (4.Mar.2007 6:12:01 AM)

hi everyone,
i have problem in the configuration of SMTP in SBS2003.
i have configured pop3 connector in sbs2003 to retrieve emails from my isp. it is working fine and for sending smtp is working fine only it has one problem that is we are able to send and recieve email to any domain, except our mail hosting provider. i explain it in a better way, we can send and recive email to all doamins like yahoo, gamil, hotmail.etc, except our own mail domain. we are unable to send or recieve email between us over the internet, locally it is working fine. it gives NDR every time we try to send email.

mfletcher -> RE: SMTP PROBLEM (9.Mar.2007 5:30:27 AM)

Post up the NDR.

Does it occur when you use Outlook Web Access (OWA) through the Remote Web Workspace?

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