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WVR -> Show in groups (15.Mar.2007 2:55:39 AM)

Hello all,

Is there a way to disable 'show in groups' within OWA? I hate it!

With kind regards,

Henrik Walther -> RE: Show in groups (18.Mar.2007 10:43:25 AM)

Do you mean the "Arrange by" feature?

WVR -> RE: Show in groups (18.Mar.2007 11:55:02 AM)

Hello Henrik,

No, I mean the simular option in Outlook 2003.

With kind regards,

SunShineCA -> RE: Show in groups (23.Jun.2007 9:20:05 AM)

I know exactly what you mean!  When you sort the OWA inbox display by "Date" for instance, it's automatically grouped by each date.  Just like what happens for Outlook -- but in Outlook, you can do "Arrange By" and click off "Show in Groups", then those annoying group headers go away.
Is there any way I can turn off the automatic group headings for the inbox in OWA?

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