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wanman_2 -> IE2K3 Enterprise I nfo Store growing out of control (20.Mar.2007 11:54:34 PM)

I have a W2K3 Enterprise HP BL20 blade w/40 gig hardware mirror for local storage and a 400 gig SAN volume for data runnning E2K3 Enterpise SP1 on as a backend mail server.  I have Cisco VoIP, Blackberry 4.1 integration and XMedius FAX integration on the main information store with two additional info stores for the east and west coast.  I have a 860+ mailboxes total and unforunately a 550 meg. meg limit per mailbox w/too many exceptions.  I have tried for years to get an HR and IT mail policy in place that was more realistic, but due to political opportunities, this has never came to pass.  Well I have never been able to automatically purge deleted or junk mail and most of my mailboxes have gotten into the 300-500 meg limit on all the info stores and I was at 109 gig total for mail.

Well last Sunday my mailserver crashed due to transaction logs cranking out every minute and filling up my C: system volume (I know this is not best practices, I gave up on trying to get more local storage for my transaction logs from my previous supervisor).\ SO I put the Information stores into circular logging temp on the SAN volume and watched my transaction logs crank out every minute.
That Monday I noticed my default information store was growing rapidly in size for no apparent reason.  No I was not compromised, relaying or experiencing hardware issues.  I take great care and pride in having a 4 tiered defensive perimeter for e-mail cleansing/filtering with MS Intelligent Messaging filter being the last layer of defense.

So my default info store went from 55 gig to 90+ gig in 36 hours and was growing exponentially (no huge mailboxes, forwarding issues, or rules looping, etc..).  The other two info stores never changed in size.  But this default info store had crashed twice on the previous e-mail admin and was originally migrated from Exchange 5.5, E2K and finally I am at  E2K3 Enterprise with a backend and front end server.

I created another info. store on the same server and started moving mailboxes off into the new store.  Finally after 90% of the mailboxes were moved, the old store stopped growing at 100+ gig. The new store is at 16+ gig and I am ready to
sacrifice the damaged store.  I know I am out of spec on best practices for mailbox size, I run the on line defragging twice a week and it completes, but did I finally hit the straw that broke the camel's back ? 

I know how to deal with the FAX stuff, but I forget the Cisco VoIP Unity tool needed to change the security/access on the new store for phone and voicemail integration.  Where can I find that tool ?

Also, how do I make my new info store the default store for my backend E2K3 server ?  I cannot think of a good reason to keep the old damaged store, can you ?  Thanks in advance for your suggestions and help.

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