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womble -> IMAP settings (26.Mar.2007 8:38:52 AM)

Hello all,

I have opened the port for IMAP on my router and started the MS Exchange service on my SBS 2003 server.

This is where I am stuck.  When adding an IMAP account in Outlook what is the full incoming and outgoing mail server? or where can I find this on my server? and is there any other information that I will need?

flowcom1 -> RE: IMAP settings (26.Mar.2007 10:17:10 AM)

The IMAP server is the name of the server that you have running the IMAP service., In your case, it the name of your SBS 2003 server.

womble -> RE: IMAP settings (26.Mar.2007 11:38:27 AM)

I have used the IP address of the server for the server name.  It doesn't accept the user name or password.

flowcom1 -> RE: IMAP settings (26.Mar.2007 12:03:15 PM)

Try using the full email  address,,

womble -> RE: IMAP settings (26.Mar.2007 12:13:56 PM)

no joy!

flowcom1 -> RE: IMAP settings (26.Mar.2007 12:29:31 PM)

Check to make sure the IMAP service is enabled and running.

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